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Provide high quality solar cable


Zhejiang Pntech Technology Co., LTD. was established in April 2011, located in Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, is solar photovoltaic DC cable , Solar Connector,Solar Extension Wire Research and development, production and sales, 
 as well as photovolta  wiring harness, photovoltaic convergence kits, photovoltaic installation tools research and development, production and sales in one of the national high-tech enterprises. Is a professional manufacturer focusing on the field of solar photovoltaic power generation. And obtained TUV, IEC, CQC and CE certification, 2023 global global sales of 350 million yuan, products sold to 108 countries around the world.
With the competitive advantages of vertical integration and the product advantages of optical cable connector integration, Pntech provides high-quality products and services for different customers, and helps global partners to achieve a harmonious and win-win development and environment.
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Our mission:           One cable through the world, connect tens of millions.
Our vision:               to create a green future and improve the ecological environment
Our core values:    integrity and pragmatism, quality responsibility, efficient innovation, win-win cooperation.


Pntech solar cable are an excellent choice for connecting different components in photovoltaic systems, with a service life of more than 25 years, excellent durability and reliability, and durability. Such a long service life ensures that your PV system continues to operate efficiently for a longer period of time, providing you with long-term peace of mind and reliable performance.
Ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the photovoltaic system. It is resistant to corrosion and guarantees the preservation of its mechanical and electrical quality over a longer period of time due to its strong, excellent tinned copper conductor. Good electrical conductivity, low resistance, oxidation resistance, durability and low quality tinning technology all help to reduce power loss during current conduction. At the same time, XLPO(Low smoke Zero halogen radiation crosslinked polyolefin) insulation and sheathing provide superior protection against UV radiation, wear and aging, enhancing the cable's resistance to extreme temperatures and environmental factors, ensuring its life and reliability in harsh conditions. This durability and reliability makes Pntech solar cables a cost-effective investment for solar installations, providing peace of mind performance over their useful life.

Photovoltaic connector has a high-quality machine shell, fire retardant, high and low temperature resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life。Photovoltaic hookups are easy to install. enables solar panel connections to be made quickly and clearly. This reduces installation errors, saves time during the process, and guarantees the dependability and security of every connection. Because of its ergonomic design, the connector is easy to use. With its snap-on locking mechanism, the connector lowers the risk of an electrical failure, ensures a stable and secure connection, and prevents accidental disconnections.Its integrated seal provides a watertight and dust-proof connection that protects electrical components from the environment. They meet all relevant industry standards for electrical safety, giving installers and end users peace of mind knowing that our connectors are not only efficient, but also safe to operate.。Different types of connectors you can choose.
Extension cables order to guarantee the effective operation and dependability of the solar photovoltaic power generating system, this extension cable is specifically made to link different pieces of equipment and system components. It is frequently used for solar panel-end DC output or to extend the connection to the solar panel-end output, making it perfect for both residential and commercial solar installations。The All-Weather Power Hub is totally waterproof and dustproof, so it can weather rain, snow, and dirt without sacrificing performance. Whether you're organizing an outdoor event, camping in the wilderness, or working on a construction site, this power strip gives you peace of mind knowing that your electrical gadgets are safe from the weather.China Y Branch Solar Extension Cable and High-Quality Solar Extension Cable 4ft.


We have more than 13 years of experience in solar cable.
Environmental protection flame retardant high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, UV resistance, with TUV certification, service life of more than 25 years

Professional R & D and sales team, ready to serve customers

1,Complete equipment,8 professional solar photovoltaic production lines and related supporting equipment

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2,Attended various exhibitions at home and abroad for many times

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3,The laboratory is fully equipped to ensure production

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4,Diversified distribution, sufficient inventory and timely delivery




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Zhejiang Pntech Technology Co., LTD. and partners, long-term stable and friendly cooperation to achieve win-win results.
Zhejiang Pntech Technology Co., LTD. : Leading the way of solar cable innovation

High quality DC Solar PV Cable
Pntech’s single core solar cable and Twin Core DC Solar Cable are vrey popular,and sales are far ahead,especially Cable Solar 8mm2、Solar Cable 6mm2、6mm Twin Core Solar Cable、10mm2 Single Core DC Cable、H1Z2Z2-K Solar Cable and 62930 IEC 131 solar cable、1500V Solar Cable With TUV. We aslo have Grounding Wire For Solar System and Solar Aluminium Cable.
Pntech is committed to production in strict accordance with certification standards and strict control of product quality, and its solar cables are ideal for solar power generation installations. Our solar cables are made of copper wire that strictly complies with TUV standards, TUV Certification Solar PV Cable, ensuring reliability and safety. In addition, the insulation and sheathing materials used in our cables come from domestic first-line manufacturers, further improving the quality and performance of our products.

At Pntech, we understand the key role that cables play in solar power systems. Delivers superior durability, efficiency and safety. Our cables are carefully designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions often found in solar installations, providing long-term reliability and performance. Whether you are setting up a residential solar system or a large commercial installation, Pntech's solar cables are the perfect choice to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your solar power system.High-Quality Cable Solar 2x6mm2 is star product. 

One of the main features of Pntech solar cable is compliance with TUV copper wire standards. This ensures that our cables meet the highest industry standards for electrical conductivity and reliability. In addition, the insulation and sheathing materials used in our cables are carefully selected to provide excellent protection against UV radiation, moisture and extreme temperatures. Attention to detail in material selection and adherence to industry standards make Pntech's solar cables stand out as a reliable choice that can be trusted for solar applications.

Pntech's commitment to quality is not limited to the materials used in solar cables. We implement a rigorous quality control process throughout the manufacturing and production stages to ensure that every cable bearing the Pntech name meets our high standards. Our dedication to quality and reliability means you can be confident in the performance and safety of our solar cables, allowing you to focus on harnessing solar power to meet your energy needs.
Pntech's solar cables are the result of our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability and performance. Through strict adherence to certification standards, use of quality materials and rigorous quality control processes, our solar cables are ideal for any solar installation. Whether you are a solar industry professional or a homeowner looking to invest in solar energy, Pintech's solar cables guarantee your solar power system is safe, durable and efficient.10mm2 Single Core DC Cable is popular.

Unmatched durability of irradiation technology
At Pntech , we understand the critical importance of the durability and reliability of solar systems. This is why every metre of our solar cable is subjected to electron nuclear irradiation technology, a process that increases the cable's resistance to environmental factors and ensures its long-term performance. This innovative technology sets our solar cables apart, making them ideal for photovoltaic power plants that require a reliable and durable energy transmission solution.

Over 25 years of reliable performance
With Pntech 's solar cables, you can rest assured that your PV plant is equipped with a reliable and long-lasting energy transmission solution. Our solar cables are designed to keep plants running for more than 25 years, providing consistent and efficient energy transfer throughout their life cycle. This long service life makes our solar cables a cost-effective and sustainable choice for solar projects of any size.

As the global demand for clean and sustainable energy continues to grow, Pntech Technologies will play an increasingly influential role in shaping the future of solar energy. With a strong commitment to innovation, quality and environmental stewardship, the company is well positioned to lead the world in a greener, more sustainable direction.

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