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Participated in Intersolar Europe in Germany

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Participated in Intersolar Europe in Germany

2024-04-12 10:06:37

The European Smart Energy Fair in Munich, Germany, the photovoltaic Intersolar Europe was held as scheduled in Germany.

"Creating a new energy world" - this is The goal of The smarter E Europe, the largest energy industry platform in Europe. The focus is on renewable energy, decentralization and digitization of the energy industry, and cross-sectoral solutions from the power, heat and transport sectors. The exhibition is the largest and most influential photovoltaic energy professional exhibition and fair.

The core objective of the exhibition is to "create a new energy world" by promoting renewable energy, decentralization and digitalization of the energy industry, and cross-sectoral cooperation to jointly build a greener, smarter and more efficient energy system. The proposal of this goal not only echoes the urgent need of the world to address climate change and achieve sustainable development, but also demonstrates Europe's firm determination in energy transition. During the three-day exhibition, energy companies, research institutions, government departments and investors from all over the world gather to discuss and share the latest development trends, technological innovations and business models in the energy industry. The exhibition hall was crowded with visitors and consultants in front of each booth, showcasing a variety of advanced products and technologies such as photovoltaic, energy storage, electric vehicles and intelligent energy management systems.

At this exhibition, Pntech cable and connector series has gained the attention and trust of many customers at this exhibition. These products are widely used and recognized in the energy industry for their high quality, performance and reliability. Pntech's booth is always crowded with consultants and visitors, and staff are busy answering questions and showing the company's product features and advantages.At this exhibition,Pntech cable and connector series has gained a lot of customer attention and trust.

Overall, The Smarter E Europe is not only a platform for exhibition and trading, but also an event to promote innovation, cooperation and exchange in the energy industry.