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T-Type Solar Connectors in Photovoltaic Systems

T-Type Solar Connectors in Photovoltaic Systems

T-type connectors are extremely important when it comes to solar power generating. For solar systems to operate safely and effectively, these connectors are essential. These connectors are made to survive the harsh conditions of outdoor solar installations because to their high-strength PPO insulation material, which offers a dependable and long-lasting connection for DC cables.

The T-type connectors stand as a testament to the commitment to safety, reliability, and durability in solar power generation systems. With their robust construction, advanced features, and compatibility with industry standards, these connectors are an indispensable component in ensuring the seamless and efficient operation of photovoltaic systems.

    Product Features


    ● High-Strength PPO Insulation Material: Ensuring Durability and Safety

    The T-type connectors are crafted using high-strength PPO insulation material, which endows them with remarkable properties such as high temperature resistance, flame retardancy, and excellent electrical performance. This not only ensures the safety of the photovoltaic systems but also contributes to their longevity, making them a reliable choice for outdoor solar installations. Additionally, the wear-resistant and non-toxic nature of the insulation material further enhances the safety and environmental-friendliness of these connectors.

    ● Buckle-Type Locking Mechanism: Secure and Easy to Use

    The male and female heads of the T-type connectors are particularly noteworthy because they have a buckle-style locking mechanism. This design offers convenience during installation and maintenance by guaranteeing a secure connection and facilitating effortless opening and shutting. The connectors are a dependable option for long-term usage in solar power generating systems because of the high-quality and durable material used in them, which avoids breaking.

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    ● IP67 Protection Level: Resilience in Challenging Environments

    Superior sealing rings in the connector's male socket provide strong defense against infiltration of dust and rain. These connections, which have an IP67 protection rating and a tight sealing, good waterproof performance, and corrosion resistance, make them ideal for outdoor settings where they may be subjected to a variety of weather conditions.

    ● Compatibility with Market Standard MC4 Products: Versatility and Ease of Integration

    Strong compatibility in the design of the T-type connections guarantees a smooth integration with MC4 items that are industry standards. In the solar energy business, they are a favorite option for both professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts due to their adaptability, which enables easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of solar power generation systems.

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    Product parameter


    Photovoltaic connector
    SIZE  PV005-T

    STANDARD BASIS          IEC 62852:2014
    Rated voltage DC 1500V
    Rated current 30A
    Contact material Tinned copper
    Insulation material PPO
    Locking system Locking type
    Degree of protection IP68
    Ambient temperature range -40℃~+85℃
    Upper temperature limit 100℃
    Contact resistance of plug connectors ≤0.5mΩ
    Withstand voltage test 8.0KV,1min
    Flame class UL94-V0
    compatibility Compatible with MC4 connectors
    Salt spray test Degree of severity 6
    Damp heat test No damage occurred which could impair normal use
    Assemblability Insertion force ≤50N, withdrawal force ≥50N
    Connector pulling force ≥200N
    Warranty period Twenty-five years
    Packing quantity 200 sets/box

    Technical Data

    Use For Solar Plants Distribution System
    Service Life 25 Years (TUV)
    Specification Standard
    Origin China
    Certification TUV
    Product Name DC Solar PV Cable
    Color Black ,Red ,Brown,Grey Or Customized
    Specification1 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2, 4.0mm2, 6.0mm2, 10.0mm2, 16.0mm2, 25.0mm2, 35.0mm2
    Number of Cores Single Core
    Transport Package Drum or Roll
    Rated voltage AC:1.0/1.0KV DC:1.5KV
    Voltage test on completed cable AC:6.5KV DC:15KV,5min
    Ambient Temperature -40℃~+90℃
    Thermal endurance properties 120℃,2000h,elongation at break≥50%
    Pressuer Test At High Temperature EN60811-3-1
    Damp Heat Test EN60068-2-78
    ACID and Alkali resistance EN60811-2-1
    O-zone resistance at complete cable EN50396
    Thermal endurance test EN60216-2
    Cold bending test EN60811-1-4
    Sunlight resistance EN50289-4-17
    Test of vertical flame at complete cable EN60332-1-2
    Halogen content test EN60754-1/EN60754-2
    Approvals TUV SUD EN50618:2014


    Cross Section(mm²) Conductor Construction(Φn/mm±0.015) Conductor Stranded(Φmm±0.02) Cable OD(Φmm±0.02) Conductor DC Resistance(Ω/km) Carrying CapacityAT 60ºC(A) Packing(mater/roll)
    1×1.5 22×0.29 1.58 4.8 13.5 25 250
    1×2.5 36×0.29 1.98 5.5 8.21 36 100/250/500
    1×4.0 56×0.29 2.35 5.8 5.09 44 100/250/500/5000
    1×6.0 84×0.29 3.06 6.6 3.39 60 100/200
    1×10 80×0.4 4.6 8 1.95 82 100
    1×16 120×0.4 5.6 10 1.24 122 100
    1×25 196×0.4 6.95 12 0.795 160 100
    1×35 276×0.4 8.3 13 0.565 200 100