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High quality 2 to 1 Y branch  1000V photovoltaic line connectors

High quality 2 to 1 Y branch 1000V photovoltaic line connectors

Pntech is the leading solution for connecting photovoltaic products, providing a reliable and efficient way to ensure seamless power transmission in solar energy systems.

Photovoltaic connector has a high-quality shell, using PC EXL9330C material, flame retardant, high and low temperature resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life. The conductor of the cable is tinned on the surface, which has the characteristics of anti-oxidation, not easy to rust, good conductivity, etc. The internal use of 99.98% pure copper, low resistance, can reduce the power loss in the current conduction process. The confluence of solar Y-type connector adopts injection molding crimping method, tight seal, good waterproof performance, wear-resistant and waterproof material, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, durable. This makes it ideal for outdoor solar installations.

    Product Features

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    ● Robust Durability

    Pntech connectors are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, UV exposure, and mechanical stress, ensuring long-term reliability and safety.

    ● High Efficiency 

    The low contact resistance and high current-carrying capacity of Pntech connectors minimize power loss and maximize energy output in photovoltaic systems.

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    ● Easy Installation 

    The user-friendly design of Pntech connectors simplifies the installation process, saving time and labor costs for solar system integrators and installers.

    ● Safety Assurance 

    Pntech connectors are engineered to meet international safety standards, providing peace of mind for both installers and end-users.

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    Product Application

    1. PV connectors represent a small percentage of the cost of the overall PV system, but they are used in many applications in PV systems, including junction boxes, convergence boxes, modules and inverters.

    2. PV connectors are critical to PV systems to ensure electrical efficiency, safety, weather resistance, scalability, ease of installation and maintenance, and compatibility between components. PV connectors minimize power loss and maintain overall system efficiency by providing a safe and reliable connection between solar panels and other components in the balance of the system.

    3. PV connectors also protect against potential hazards such as arcing or short circuits and help withstand environmental conditions such as UV radiation, temperature extremes and moisture. A high-quality connector should be able to sustain the life of the solar PV system (approximately 25 to 30 years).

    4. PV connectors help to easily expand solar arrays in series or parallel configurations for flexible system design. They simplify installation, maintenance and compatibility of different solar panel brands and components.

    Product Parameter


    STYLE  Photovoltaic connector DOCUMEN NO PNTK-P4-010
    SIZE PV004-2T1

    STANDARD BASIS          IEC 62852:2014
    Rated voltage DC 1000V
    Rated current 30A
    Contact material Tinned copper
    Insulation material PC/XLPO
    Locking system Locking type
    Degree of protection IP65
    Ambient temperature range -40℃~+85℃
    Upper temperature limit 100℃
    Contact resistance of plug connectors ≤0.5mΩ
    Withstand voltage test 6.0KV,1min
    Flame class UL94-V0
    compatibility Compatible with MC4 connectors
    Salt spray test Degree of severity 6
    Damp heat test No damage occurred which could impair normal use
    Assemblability Insertion force ≤50N, withdrawal force ≥50N
    Connector pulling force ≥200N
    Warranty period Twenty-five years
    Input/output cable specifications 1×4mm²/1×4mm²
    Packing quantity 100 sets/box