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Connectors 1500V for photovoltaic connection devices

Connectors 1500V for photovoltaic connection devices

This photovoltaic connector offers a secure and weatherproof connection for solar systems, and is primarily used to link the power generation lines of photovoltaic power plants. These demands are being met and exceeded by photovoltaic connectors, which offer solar panels in home and commercial applications easy and secure connectivity.

Photovoltaic connections provide the adaptability to match your unique requirements. offers adaptability and agility to meet different installation needs. It is appropriate for both residential and commercial solar projects because to its ergonomic and small form, which makes it simple to handle and install in confined spaces. It is a dependable and effective solution for any solar panel installation because to its durable structure, simplicity of installation, safety measures, and compatibility. You can be certain that your solar panel system will produce the most energy possible while upholding the highest standards of dependability and safety if it has photovoltaic connectors.

    Product Features

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    ● The photovoltaic connector has a premium machine shell made of PC EXL9330C material, which is fire retardant, resistant to high and low temperatures, UV rays, corrosion, and has an extended lifespan. 

    ● The inner core of the photovoltaic connection is thickened tinned copper, which has been surface tinned. This process gives the connector resistance against oxidation, makes it resistant to rust, improves conductivity, and has low resistance, all of which help to minimize power loss during the current wearing process. 

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    ● Photovoltaic connector clip lock: strong material performance, difficult to break, difficult to fall off. Precision and longevity are priorities in the design of the photovoltaic connections. Because of its sturdy design, it is resistant to a variety of adverse environmental factors, such as high humidity, UV rays, and temperatures. It is therefore perfect for solar systems outside.

    ● Photovoltaic hookups are easy to install. enables solar panel connections to be made quickly and clearly. This reduces installation errors, saves time during the process, and guarantees the dependability and security of every connection. Because of its ergonomic design, the connector is easy to use. With its snap-on locking mechanism, the connector lowers the risk of an electrical failure, ensures a stable and secure connection, and prevents accidental disconnections.

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    ● When it comes to solar systems, safety is crucial. Photovoltaic connectors are designed with built-in safety features to prevent electrical hazards. Its integrated seal makes a connection that is both water- and dust-tight, protecting electrical components from the weather. Installers and end users can use our connections with confidence since they meet all applicable industry standards for electrical safety and are both safe and effective. 

    ● Photovoltaic connectors are also compatible and versatile. It can be easily incorporated into solar panel systems that are already in place and is compatible with a range of solar wires.

    Product Parameter

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    STYLE  Photovoltaic connector DOCUMEN NO PNTK-P5-001
    SIZE  PV005

    STANDARD BASIS            IEC 62852:2014
    Match wire specifications 2mm²,4mm²,6mm²
    Rated voltage DC 1500V
    Rated current 30A
    Contact material Tinned copper
    Insulation material PV40Z
    Type of connection Crimping
    Locking system Locking type
    Degree of protection IP65/IP68
    Ambient temperature range -40℃~+85℃
    Upper temperature limit 100℃
    Contact resistance of plug connectors ≤0.5mΩ
    Withstand voltage test 8.0KV,1min
    Flame class UL94-V0
    compatibility Compatible with MC4 connectors
    Salt spray test Degree of severity 6
    Damp heat test No damage occurred which could impair normal use
    Assemblability Insertion force ≤50N, withdrawal force ≥50N
    Connector pulling force ≥200N
    Warranty period Twenty-five years
    Packing quantity 500 sets/box